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Car accidents and other fast or high impact accidents can feel like a boundary violation; this is because another vehicle or object enters your space suddenly and with a lot of force. There are often injuries associated, as well as a lot of unexpected sights, sounds, and smells. Some people present with a heightened startle … Read more


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Trauma among first responders and veterans is common and multifaceted. First responders run into danger that others run away from. First responders are often skilled at inhibiting natural survival responses to serve the needs of others. With repeated exposure to high stress situations, the nervous system can get stuck in unhelpful patterns of fight, flight, … Read more


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Work related trauma can occur in many forms. Some examples of workplace trauma include falls, accidents, assaults, robberies, physical or emotional injury, and witnessing serious injury or death. Workplace trauma can have a huge impact on both home and work life. As with other trauma, the nervous system can get stuck in a state of … Read more