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Enduring Heart: The Story Behind the Name

When I started Enduring Heart Somatic Therapy, I wanted to find the perfect name. I wanted a name that highlights the persistence of life energy even when we have experienced trauma. I also wanted a name that felt true to myself and my heart. This is how I came to the name Enduring Heart.

The word Enduring captures the persistence of life energy, even when trauma occurs. It is not meant to represent pushing through pain and suffering, but instead that we can endure and move forward despite life’s challenges. Enduring is defined as “continuing for a long time; lasting” in the Cambridge Dictionary. After trauma, we too persist, and can find our way back to ourselves.

Enduring is also a term that has been used the describe the gemstone amber. Amber is created through fossilization of resin, and often carries stories within it of the plants or insects trapped inside. It remains vibrant and unique despite its imperfections. The theme of enduring is represented throughout my website and logo through the warm, earthen colours of yellow, orange, and brown. The heart shaped logo also represents the idea that we can endure despite ruptures and find our way back to our desired life path.

The Heart is also a key part of the name, as coming back to my own heart has always been a part of my own work and my work as a helper of others. When we get lost in the chaos of life and trauma, we often lose sight of our values and the present moment. Breathing into the heart or placing a hand on the heart can often help us find our way out of the trauma vortex and back to the present moment. Whether we view it as the physical heart or the spiritual heart centre, coming back to the heart helps us come back to ourselves.

Despite trauma, we can endure, and find our way back to the heart.